Monday, October 20, 2014

Lookbook: Bikers Style

It’s Monday and I couldn’t be happier after a fabulous weekend away!
My husband just bought a long desired on-road/off-road bike and on account of the good weather, we decided to take it for a nice long ride to the winelands. We left Cape Town on Friday afternoon and rode 72km to the picturesque town of Franschhoek.
Franschhoek it is said to be the gourmet capital of Western Cape and with good reason. Every meal we had in the trip was just decadent and not to forget the delicious wines we got to taste. We stayed in a very quaint little cottage close to the main road and from where we rode to the different wine estates and restaurants.
I’m so thankful for such magical weekend; I hope there are a lot more to come!

Want to know what I'm wearing? Leather jacket by Calvin Klein; Leather sneakers by Converse Argentina; Sunglasses by Gucci; Black tassels top by Hurley; Dark grey jeans by Zara; Beads bracelet by Spririt; Necklace with thread-wrapped small triangle by The story of a bird named Frank; Druzy pendant by Matter of fakt.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gillian and Paul's Wedding Invitations

Happy Friday everyone! It's a beautiful sunny day in Cape Town; I hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy a beautiful weekend ahead! But before that, I would like to share with you the wedding invitations I designed for Gillian and Paul.
These two are not only one of our closest friends but the most wonderful couple I've ever met. Both of them are relax, gentle and truly sincere real people! And let's not forget how stylish this couple is... I guess that from the moment they started dating we all knew they were perfect for each other.

The theme for their wedding was "Botanical love". So for the invitations we combined soft illustrated floral elements with rustic craft paper and twine.
If you like the invites, wait until you see some images from their magical winter wedding...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Featured Event: It's a Gold Party

Gold is not only one of the most trendy colours at the moment but also one of my all time favourites. 
So when the girls from contacted me to do the décor for their “Shining in gold” party, I couldn’t hide my excitement.
Here are some images of the event for which I designed invitations, stationery and prepared all the décor and styling. 
If you like, wait until you see this year’s one – coming soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recent Work: Gibraltar Music Festival 2014


We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year and together with that another month has gone by!

September: the month that for some is synonymous of the beginning of spring, for others the start of autumn and for all Gibraltarians, time for the yearly expected Gibraltar Music Festival. 4 stages, over 30 local and international acts and thousands of people flying in from Spain, UK and Russia make of this music festival, the biggest event in Gibraltar. And for me one of my biggest jobs...

For the second consecutive year, the organizers of this event contacted me to assist them with all the graphic artwork for the festival. Months of work prior to the event included designs such as layouts for dozens of magazines and newspaper adverts, posters and billboards, website design, facebook images updates, brochures and programmes. And that's not all; event maps and plans, timetables and even all the signage for the festival itself and artwork for all stages and screens was part of the work I did for the event.

It was hard-work which included some late nights setting artwork for print deadlines but I must say that I enjoyed every step of it; specially as it was a pleasure working with organizers and visionaries, Jonathan and Owen.

Below are some of the elements I designed for the Gibraltar Music Festival 2014.
Don't forget to click on the video at the bottom of the page to see the highlights of the event and the magnitude of this festival.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spring Poster Free Printable

Happy Spring everyone! Today I would like to share with you this free spring printable poster I made specially for the South Bond Bride Blog. To see the full post click here.
I thought it would be nice to show a little bit of how the process of designing a poster works. Many people think that designers just sit in front of the computer, choose different fonts and voila, job done. But the process is a bit longer, more intricate and fun than that.

I love doing as much as I can on paper before I get to the final stage where I bring the artwork into the computer for the last retouches. Here is a simple step by step process that I normally like following:

1. Finding the right phrase
For this project I wanted to use an inspiring phrase with the spring theme. I looked in Pinterest and Google but didn’t find anything that really motivated me so I started writing down words and putting together my own Spring Phrase. “Hello beautiful spring. Let’s have lots of blooming fun” was what I decided to go ahead with.

2. Trying layouts and finding the right one
In my sketchpad I tried different options for the layout, playing around with the words and making sure that the main ones, “hello”, “spring” and “fun”, were accentuated.

3. Sketching each word
Once I decided on a layout I started sketching the different words, each of them in a different custom typeface. Normally I go through many sketches for each word until I’m 100% happy.

4. Inking
Finally, once I had the final design of each word, I took the pencil sketches and inked them. For this I use a lightbox. It’s not really necessary to have the final art inked but in my opinion it makes a big difference for the next step.

5. Scanning
It’s very important to have the final artwork in dark pen, otherwise the scanner doesn’t pick up the light pencil strokes. The clearer the ink work is, the less computer editing work will be needed afterwards.

6. Final retouches in the computer
Once I have the artwork scanned, I use Illustrator and Photoshop to do the final details. In this case to give the watercolour feel to the letters and add the embellishment flowers that finish off this poster.

You can download this gorgeous spring poster printable here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Calentita 2014 Poster Design


For the second consecutive year, the guys from WOM in Gibraltar asked me to design the poster for the Calentita Food Festival. For this year's design they wanted to portrait one of Gibraltar's most iconic architecture landmark: the Moorish Castle. This Medieval fotification is made up of various buildings, gates, fortified walls and its most dominant features, the Tower of Homage and the Gate House. This structure is clearly visible to all visitors to Gibraltar, not only because of its striking construction but also because of its dominant and strategic position.
Regarding design style for this year’s design, I was inspired by the progressive commercial posters of the 1920s and 1930s featuring simple lines and the usage of balanced compositions and bold colour combinations. To create this poster, I used seemingly abstract blocks of colour to build up the castle and the white food stall tents, signature of the Calentita festival.
View and read here about the poster I designed for Calentita 2013.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My photography Project | Glen Beach House

A week ago we stayed in Glen Beach house-sitting our friend's cottage on the beach.  If you haven't been to Cape Town,  Glen Beach is the prettiest beach with amazing views of the mountains: it's literally paradise. So for us to be able to stay there for a whole week was a perfect holiday. Yes; I've found my dream house, wooden floors, beautiful green loan, fireplace and the most spectacular set up.
I really felt very inspired here and couldn't not take some photographs. Here I'll share a few with you (there are some of Arri, my husband and the rasta-cat Napoleon - already missing him).

Friday, May 16, 2014

Jared's Barmitzvah: Day 02

For Jared's second day event, we changed the decor and completely transformed the house for a "green lumo party". We set up a light-motion photobooth, used bright decor elements, lasers and lighting features, and of course a lumo green dancefloor.
I think that both kids and adults had a blast and I'm sure that the local police officers as well, otherwise they wouldn't have come to visit three times. And yeah, we worked hard but it was totally worth it when seeing everyone smile and dance until the last song of the evening.
Special thanks to Sheri who helped me co-ordinate this massive event: I wouldn't have been able to do it without you my special friend (next: your wedding)!